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I webbläsarspelet Forge of Empires kan du bygga din egen stad och följa dess framsteg genom historien - från stenåldern och framåt. Utforska nya teknologier som tar dig till nästa tidsålder. Sätt din prägel med unika byggnader och skapa en metropol utan dess like. Sprid ditt imperium med sofistikerade strategier och smarta drag i Forge of Empires!

The strategy game Forge of Empires takes you through the different eras - explore new building types and technologies to continue developing your settlement. Meet the challenges of the single-player campaigns until you rule an entire continent, or compete against other players in the multiplayer mode. In the browser game Forge of Empires, dedicate yourself to research and develop more advanced battle units, innovative products and spectacular buildings. Passionate builders will have many opportunities to develop and beautify their cities in this strategy game. Good economic skills are essential in Forge of Empires to finance the growth of your empire with your residents’ tax money.

But not everything is peaceful in Forge of Empires. Fight exciting battles, use a variety of units and incorporate the individual features of the terrain in order to win. On the battle field you can either take on the computer or give other players a lesson in battle strategy.

Steer the fate of your empire: Forge of Empires!